Andrew Schneider’s Conversion Part 2

How did you feel at your baptism?

  • The day of my Baptism was an emotional release that remains an affirmation of making the most correct decision of my life.  The peace, joy, and happiness of that day still resonates deep in my soul as a sacred witness that God loves all His children and conducts His work in these days just as real and concrete as the most basic facts known to all the world.  The tears flowed ever so tenderly as I bore my brand new testimony to a rather sizeable group of members who choose to spend their Saturday afternoon with a person they hardly knew.  That evening as I sat in my house, I drank in deeply the truth of what it meant to be baptized by Priesthood authority in the Lord’s Church.  Though I have witnessed many sacred spiritual events that are very personal to me since that time, there are few as powerful and memorable as the day of my Baptism.

What is your experience with reading the Book of Mormon?

  • Since the first time I read through the Book of Mormon, it was like a lightning rod in my hands to gain insight and illumination into the mind, nature, and works of God.  Change comes to me in mighty ways according to the grace and mercy of the Savior Jesus Christ with each successive read, study, and pondering of many themes arising from this sacred volume of scripture.  These words help me to progress forward spiritually in ways I cannot foresee beforehand as principles are turned into action and result in personal life experiences that continue to add unto my growing witness of truth and desperately needed aid given to live more like the Savior in my daily walk.  The Book of Mormon is another testimony of Jesus Christ to all who have lived on the earth since its publication through the prophet Joseph Smith.  It shows that the works of God are not limited to the ancient Israelites on the eastern continent as recorded in the Bible.  Instead, true to the unchangeable patterns of God given to the world at various ages and periods according to the faith of the people, all words in the Book of Mormon received by holy prophets in the Americas at those times do not in any way contradict or negate the Bible.  The purity of truth and thoroughness of the doctrine expands upon the Bible.  The Book of Mormon fulfill the promise of Joseph Smith specified in the introduction that a person would get nearer to God than by reading any other book.  Of this I have observed often.

What are your feelings about Jesus Christ?

  • Jesus Christ is my Lord, Savior, King, and High Priest who is the creator of all life on the earth, the only name by which we can return into the presence of our Heavenly Father, the greatest example and epitome of love the world has ever known, and our personal light in the midst of darkness encountered in the thorny pastures of life.  Truly, the Savior is everything to me and as a living prophet has said, we are to abide in Him permanently, steadfastly, and unyieldingly that He may transform our natures to be aligned with His will, just as He submitted every part of Himself to the Father and quality to take upon the sins of the world.  Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of my faith that shall be as eternal as the life of the soul.  He loves me and knows with perfect perspective and comprehension all sufferings and joys.  Through His Atonement, I can become whole, though I fall short every day of His glory in my sins.  Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father are the only ones who know the potential of the person I can become.  In short, I am less than the dust of the earth without the love, gift, and blessings of my Redeemer in whom I put my trust in all things I receive while on this mortal sojourn.