My Story: A Prayer. By Marguerite Koch

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to say thank you for knowing who I am and for watching over me. You know more than anyone else how lost I was. It seemed as if I was on a treadmill. I worked so hard all the time, always trying to get ahead in life. I felt like a hamster spinning my wheels, never getting anywhere, and I had no real direction. I always felt sort of out of place. I was caught up in my job. It was once the most important thing to me. For the most part I had what I needed in life, but still something was missing. I know now that, that something was you, but now things are different. You are in my life and I know it. I see your hands at work in my life.

I have always wanted to know you (who God was and was he real). I wanted to know what religion was right or if it were wrong. I use to wonder to myself, were all religions correct or maybe they were all correct to some extent or another. Was it your effort and commitment to religion you belonged, and sort of at least thought to be right, that was what really mattered?

I am so glad I had these questions and that I knew to pray about it. These questions I had started out as a curiosity, a prayer and then with a little faith I eventually received an answer.

But what is surprising is that you answered my prayer the way that I prayed it. I prayed for my question to be answered, but not just to be answered. I wanted the answer to somehow be given through my friend / boyfriend. This was really important to me. This was a big request for me to ask considering that I am not sure my friend had any use for a so called organized religion- Until one day out of the blue my friend assigned me the task of researching this one particular religion. This in itself was amazing to me. He asked me to research the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to let him know if I thought there was anything to it and if it was real. He said he wanted me to do the research on this religion because if he was ever to join a religion that he thinks it would most likely be this one. He said he knew a person who once worked for him that was a member of this church and that this person was probably one of the nicest, most family oriented person he knew. So I set out to do the research.

I went online and filled out a request form for the missionaries to contact me and it did not take long before the missionaries called. It was a Sunday afternoon when they called and by that evening they came to my house to talk to me about this religion and to teach me the gospel. As the missionaries sat at my kitchen table and began to speak, I felt a warmth in my heart area that I cannot explain in words. I knew that what I was hearing was the truth and that I have somehow heard it before. I recognized what they were teaching me and I wanted to hear more. As the missionaries continued to teach me, I knew I wanted to be baptized.

What started out as a little faith has grown into knowing. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Since I have joined your church and have made the commitment to you by being baptized and agreeing to live the commandments you have blessed my life. The blessing you have given me are real and tangible and not just a generic word with no meaning. My family use to be a mess, with serious problems but now not so much. Over the course of time you have repaired us. I use to have a lack of confidence and my 3 son’s had a battle with addiction. I am happy to say that as of today I am a humble, but confident person and my sons are for the most part doing really well.

When I look back now I realize you have had me the whole time, and were waiting on me to be ready to receive the gospel, so you could begin to bless my life. The blessing you have given me are real and I see and recognize them. My prayers are actually heard by you and are actually answered. I know you live and hear my prayers. I also know my purpose in this life is to prepare and learn and to show that I will be willing to do all that you ask of me, whether it be from following the commandments or by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It is a good feeling to finally actually know that God is real. He answers prays and when a person is ready, that all they need to do is just pray and ask with a sincere heart. In your own time you will answer their prayer if it is pleasing unto you our Heavenly Father. In closing I am again so happy prayers are heard and answered. It is what helped to turn my faith into knowing.

Your Daughter