My Story: Arlene Bonneau

My sister had called me four years ago to ask if she could send over a couple of young male missionaries to visit me and discuss the gospel, to which I said yes. I had questions that I had had for a number of years that no one in any other faith seemed to be able to answer or to bother trying. I needed these answers because my faith in Christ was huge. As we all sat and chatted; myself, the 2 missionaries and another member from our church, I listened very closely and watched their faces even closer. I wanted to see and hear if what they were telling me was true. I am so very glad that I chose to have them over and to talk. That evening, not only did I receive some of the answers that made total sense, I also saw that these young men lived with what the gospel taught and were so willing to share it with me. I had told them that I would be at the mornings service on that very next Sunday. As I sat, listening and absorbing what was being said, I also felt a unique experience that I understood (later) that what was being said and taught was also the truth since ancient times. Nothing had changed in the way they taught and learned. This was the very first time that I had heard the gospel this way and I was so pleased.

Since that first visit, I have had further instances substantiated. I could now say I was wholly ready to hear and learn more. And the more I learned the more I needed to know! I truly believe, that at that time, and every day since, that I have been blessed to have the true gospel in my home and even more faith. I know that by keeping our commandments that I have made with God, he has blessed me in many ways.

I know that Jesus Christ lives, that his death was necessary since the very beginning and that the Atonement could never have been paid by anyone else. I believe I had the opportunity, as I keep my commandments and to do as Jesus did and taught, that I can be truly happy. By continuing reading the scriptures daily, attending weekly services and having plans with others of our church, who have become dear and close friends, attending the annual conferences we have, I believe that if I continue to live in the tradition and the standards of this church/faith that I will get stronger everyday. My daily prayers and fasting have helped me gain the truth of many things. It has changed me into a better person, a person that I like for the first time in my life. This has strengthened not just my faith in God, but it has strengthened me as a person and as a child of God. I stand taller, am more confident of myself as each day goes by with the knowledge that I have learned. My wish is to never stop learning and to never stop helping others. I know this is the true church and the true gospel with all my being.

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