Edith’s Testimony

Edith Kintu

The first time I saw the Book of Mormon was on a Sunday. A friend of mine did bring it to me after church. I was working in Marblehead, Massachusetts, in the year 2012; I do not remember the date or month. She is a friend of mine, and we met on the job in Marblehead, taking care of an elderly sweetheart lady. I did read a few lines, and I did not get it. I called her and said I do not understand the book because of the “thy” and “it came to pass.” I said to myself, “What came to pass?” She said that I was reading it as if I were reading a novel, because I am an avid novel reader. I put the Book of Mormon on my nightstand table where it stayed until the next time I saw it.

The sweet lady we were taking care of died the following year. I got sick, and they brought me to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). To cut a long story short, my friend did bring the book to me again at MGH. I tried to read it but not that week. I went back home, and she took me into her house to care for me. That’s when I really came to read the Book of Mormon with my eyes and mind open. I asked her whatever I did not understand. She did explain and she also did encourage me to pray.

Little by little, I did come to find out by myself what the true church is. [I liked three things about the church. One is] that the church is not for profit (i.e., priests, pastors, etc., should not be paid). Second, the church should not have anyone’s name on it. And also that I had to repent of my sins in order to be baptized; which means that because a baby does not have any sins, there is no reason for them to repent and be baptized; which means that we do have to be a certain age where we have sinned and we know we have sinned, we can confess our sins, and be baptized the way our Savior was baptized. By that it means being submerged into the body of water as he was and not just a few drops on our foreheads as they do when we are babies.

To cut a long story short: the day I was baptized was the happiest day of my life. Before that I did some investigating by going to church a few times, just to be sure and also compare what I had read in the Book of Mormon and what the elders had taught me. My baptism did go off without a hitch. By that I mean they only had to do it just one time. My bishop, the elders, and my friends were there. It was small because I wanted it that way. My best friend who introduced me was not there because of a prior engagement we did forget about. But she did give me her blessing and wished me well. I did have some naysayers, but it was my decision and also what I believed and also what I knew was the truth.

From the day I started going to church, including the investigation period, I just felt welcome, included, and people were always asking me if there was something, anything, they could do for me, big or small, religious or not, starting from my bishop to the members of the church. That is something I never felt in the other churches. I just went to pray, they did collect money, and go home. But in my new church I had people calling me every day to find out how I was, what I needed, etc.

I am really thankful to my best friend for bringing me the Book of Mormon. It did help me find out the truth about the different churches. I am also thankful that she did not pressure or sway me in any way. I just found out the truth by myself.

So please do pick up the Book of Mormon, read it, and if you need help ask for a missionary to help you with what you do not understand. I know that they are not going to pressure you but just answer your questions.

Editor’s note: Edith gave me this copy of her testimony on Sept 2, 2013, just two weeks before she lost her battle with cancer. A nurse was reading the Book of Mormon to her as she passed away. 

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