Celebrating Easter

By Elder Chapman, a missionary serving in Boston, Massachusetts

Jesus walked such a long, lonely path so that we do not have to do so.

These words of modern prophets and images reflect the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We celebrate his resurrection on Easter—that he defeated death and lives again! Modern prophets and apostles testify of Jesus Christ’s life and glory. Because he lives, we will live again. Because he lives in glory with Heavenly Father we can too, as we follow his example and live as we are taught by his special witnesses. I feel the love of Christ as I contemplate his life, and I hope you can feel his love too through this work on this special Easter Sunday.

The literal resurrection of every soul who has lived and died on earth is a certainty. - President Spencer W. KimballWhere did we come from? Why are we here?These questions transcend mortality. They embrace eternity. - President Thomas S. Monson
There is nothing more universal than death, and nothing brighter with hope and faith than the assurance of immortality, by the certainty of the Resurrection of the Son of God that first Easter Morning. - President Hinckley
To the depths of my very soul, I am grateful to Him. He taught us how to live. He taught us how to die. He secured our salvation. - President Thomas S. Monson
Jesus walked such a long, lonely path so that we do not have to do so.Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a living witness that life is everlasting. - Thomas S. MonsonGraphics by Elder Chapman

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter

  1. Bryan

    Love it! Thank you for sharing this, Elder Chapman. I also know that Jesus Christ lives! And because He lives, I too can live. My grandfather passed away last October. It was only knowing that because of Jesus Christ I can see him, that got me through it all. (I was super close to him!) He is still himself, and because of that, I could actually smile and be happy at the funeral knowing he was and is close to me still. So thank you again!

  2. Elder Chapman

    Hey Bryan, thanks for the message! I haven’t checked on this post in a while, and with easter coming up again, I thought I’d see what had happened to it over time. I really enjoyed making these photos, especially delving through the words of all the apostles and modern prophets to find just the right things to say. Thanks for responding! How have things been since your grandpa died?

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