Good Music Draws Us Closer to God

As Christians, we believe that we can receive feelings and impressions directly from God; we refer to this as “feeling the Spirit”.  The Spirit can be felt in many different settings in a variety of ways.  Usually, it is felt when we are making choices that God approves of, and in a setting that is calm and appropriate. Reading scripture, attending church meetings and praying to God are all excellent ways to go about inviting the Spirit into your life.  But in my experience, I have found that listening to good and wholesome music is also an effective way of feeling the Spirit

Music can be extremely motivating and powerful; songs pump up athletes before games, audiobooks keep runners distracted from the milage and popular tunes can keep kids focused on doing their homework as they ignore their surroundings.  Music can also help us feel the Spirit more in our lives.  Bringam Young encouraged the saints in 1847 to,”…praise the Lord with singing, with music…that your souls may be joyful”.  Music can bring great joy and peace into your life but it can also destroy the soul.  Everyone has a definition of bad music, but the definition that I go by is anything that doesn’t motivate or persuade you to do good.  Even though a song may only have one bad part, it still isn’t ok to listen to; for you may grow to accept songs in the future with more and more bad parts.  I’ve had the sad experience of seeing the transformation of my friend that began to profane music.  Their language began to get atrosious, crude humor became appropriate and their standards began to degrade step by step.  This sad experience emphasizes my firm belief of ONLY listening to good music.

In the recent past, I had gone through a rough week at school and was very stressed out; I couldn’t enjoy my free time because all I could think about was how I could make up work.  I simply went on a walk, and listened to some music I got at EFY (a church camp).  I strolled along that night peacefully and began to care less and less about my current situation.   It didn’t hit me until I had hit my favorite part in the song, as I sat down and looked into the distance; It gave me an overpowering feeling of comfort.  It isn’t easy to put in words, but I felt confident all of a sudden, and ready to face whatever lay next.  Looking back on this occasion I was confused as to why I felt this way all of a sudden.   A past Prophet of our church, Ezra Taft Benson summed up my experience with these words, “Inspiring music may fill the soul with heavenly thoughts, move one to righteous action, or speak peace to the soul”.

I know the words of President Benson are true; for I have felt the Spirit on many occasions as I listened to good music.  In a simple way, I’ve felt profound feelings that have changed my life. I’ve felt the peace, comfort and the love of my Savior.  I urge all those who read this to take my invitation and listen to good music, for their lives will change for the better, feeling the love of God through the Spirit.


Here are some songs that have invited the Spirit into my life:





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