Overcoming Trials

Recently I came across a question from a friend concerning hardships in life. The question was, “If there is a God, why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God just let this happen?”. My friend believed that if God was all powerful that he could make an end to catastrophes and hardships in the world. This question stumped me for a while because I knew that God loved us, but if he did, why would he just let his children suffer?

First, God all gave us agency to choose what we would do in our lives.  Agency is literally our God-given right that if used right can be an amazing gift, but if used wrong our worst nightmare. A lot of the catastrophies and heatache come from the poor decisions of ourselfs and others.  God can not take away that agency from us, because its not God’s job to make choices for us.

Second, we are here because life is full of trials and God gives us some of those trials to make us stronger. I had a trial that changed my life that was hard, but made me a stronger and better person.  When I was in 7th grade I tried out for a good baseball league that all my friends were in.  Because I was in the older age group it shouldn’t have been that hard for me to make the team.  Kids on my bus always told me how they would laugh so hard if I didn’t make the league.  I ended up not being able to make it and I was ridiculed a lot.    I didn’t go on the bus for a couple of days but I was still made fun at school.  I blamed God for me not having more supportive friends and better skill for the game of baseball.  I was so mad.  But I prayed to God asking for his help in helping me bear with the ridicule that came flying at me every day.   So, in the space of a couple days I was able to shake it off and put it into perspective; I had so much fun being the best player in my league, and I gained a new appreciation for being kind to everyone.  I never wanted to hurt a person how I had been hurt.  I came out of that experience a changed person.

What I’ve found is that all because you feel alone doesn’t mean you are alone.  Although my experience is nothing when compared to many other stories, I know God can touch everyone if they are willing to simply ask for His help and guidance.  I know God loves his children so he places trials in their lives because he knows it will make them stronger.  We can all benifit from these experiences no matter how much the pain.  All along the way God is your biggest fan and is waiting for you to ask for help.

That’s what I did.  That’s what you can do as well.

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