Faith Isn’t Always the Clearest Road

In our religion we use the term faith a lot, but why?  Faith, as defined in the scriptures as the “hope for things which are not seen, which are true”.  But what does that really mean?  The way I define it is believing in something that isn’t necessarily proven by factual evidence but can be explained through one’s strong belief.  As humans, its hard to believe anything without either the majority of the world accepting it or it already being proven by a famous scientist.  That’s why it is hard for some to believe, or have faith in, a God, prayer, prophets and more.  But I know that with a humble and willing heart we can all develop a faith and belief in all kinds of truth that isn’t right in front of us to see.

Why is it so important to have faith in the first place? Without showing faith, or a desire to know, we will never uncover anything that could potentially be true.  For example, Peter was asked by Jesus to experiment walking on water as he was doing currently.  He never new it was possible before he was actually able to do it. Because he exercised a particle of faith he was able to uncover an amazing truth: with power of God and faith he held, he could do the unimaginable.  Now, for us it may not be that extreme, but if we show faith just like Peter and ask god, believing that we will receive an answer we can uncover truth as well.  Because, why would God deprive his children from earnestly seeking truth? He wouldn’t.

When I was younger I really didn’t’ know if it was a good idea believing in my church.  I didn’t know if it was true.  I showed faith by going out of my way to ask God in prayer.  During my prayer I really believed that God could help me know if what I was doing was right, even though I didn’t’ know for a fact that he could.  God answered my prayer and I felt the spirit testify to me that I wasn’t wasting my time developing faith and belief in God every Sunday.

I know God will help us if we show him even a particle of faith in our lives.  Clayton Christensen, a world famous speaker, and a member of our church said, “God is ready to help us of we simply ask questions”.  God is there.  Take the chance and ask.  He cares about us, and will testify truth unto us if we first show faith, and act on it.  That is not only a promise, but a guarantee.


2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Inoka

    Praise and glory to God I came across these inspirational articles on priesthood and our catholic faith which I am thankful to u for publishing for the awareness of many. I work lot with Priests, nuns and seminarians. It is a consecrated life and we should be honored to have such young beautiful lives coming to serve God and his lost sheep. Thank you for your efforts and writing God bless you to walk in his light in a time where lot of the young lives are engrossed in other indulgences you have chosen to do the divine fathers will. Thank you once again and God bless you always
    Yours truly
    Inoka (Sri Lanka)

  2. Ski2

    I am attending the Gospel Principles class and it is reiterated over and over in there that Faith isn’t just belief. It is also action. It is a principle of power that without action, it has no efficacy.
    It is kind of like when the prophet says that many prayers are answered by other people. Doesn’t God answer prayers? Yes with the faith of his people taking action.

    Like your blog.


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