Easter’s Celebration

Easter is around the corner and my wife and I discussed what traditions we might start as a new family.  As a kid we decorated Easter eggs and hunted for candy baskets.  My mother also prepared a special dinner.  We regularly attended church on Sundays and Easter meetings, though not much different from other Sunday services, often focused on the Resurrection of the Savior, a doctrine that Mormons affirm to be of prime importance.  This Easter the Church leadership has commissioned a special Easter video focusing on the death and resurrection of the Savior.  The video is well done and depicts events as recorded in the New Testament of the Bible.  Easter is a great reminder of the reason of the hope that is in us.

My wife and I will probably still do Easter baskets this year because we like chocolate, but the real celebration will be the quiet reflection on the gift of God, even his son Jesus Christ. I’m grateful for the knowledge of God’s eternal plan for the world because it provides an anchor for me and gives me courage and hope that impacts my life in so many ways.

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