What is the Differnce Between Temples and Churches?

This is an example of a Temple

You may have seen many beautiful Mormon Temples in your areas, standing out and very tall. There are 135 of them in existence today. These buildings differ from the Churches we have where our religious services are held every Sunday. We believe that these beautiful temples are the houses of God. We also believe that our Churches are for God’s intentions, but not where he dwells. Many of my Non-Mormon friends have been confused about the differences between these, so I will go in to greater detail on how they differ, and affect my life.

Churches: Our churches are meeting houses for our services. A usual Service consists of 3 hours. It is broken up into three segments: Sacrament Meeting, Sunday school and then Split into Men and Women groups for the last hour. In these three hours, those who attend gain a better knowledge about the chruch, and are instructed on how they can better live their lives. Anybody can, and are encouaged to attend. Visitors are welcome, and can benefit just as much, if not more from coming.

Temples: We believe that Temples are the closest things to heaven on earth today. These are built by the church, for God. We believe God dwells in these sacred buildings. The feeling there is very strong, and inspiration is very easy to come by.

4 thoughts on “What is the Differnce Between Temples and Churches?

  1. Private

    As far as I know God is everywhere so to say he dwells in this temple is so stupid, because I am at my house at this moment and God is with me, because God never leaves my side… so to build “heaven on earth” is not just silly just plain stupid… If you can answer me on my question… is God with me at this moment… yes or no… if you answer no well then it will mean that I am left alone unprotected from God… So you must answer yes… therefore there is no difference to where god DWELLS… between my house, street or temple, because God is EVERYWHERE.

    1. sunday Alo

      Yu can see GOD everywhere in your room,house,even if you are in toilet nd yu call him he will surely answer. Bt when we are talking about Temple of GOD we are talking about Holy place. In the church no alter bt in Temple yu wl see alter their.

  2. Joel

    God is not calling us to go to church
    But he is calling us to be his church
    According to 1 corianthians3:16

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