Guest Post: What do Mormons look like?

My boss sometimes asks me, “Is that person a Mormon? He looks like a Mormon!” I always agree with him. Mormons do not have any visible identifiers, yet somehow people recognize Mormons. What does a Mormon look like?

Mormons come in all shapes and sizes, but there are certain attributes most Mormons share. We are encouraged to dress modestly, be clean, and be well-groomed.  However, there is more to the Mormon look than external decoration. We embrace internal principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ that affect the way we look physically.

Mormons are obedient. We strive to follow all of God’s commandments. We are honest in all of our dealings and we endeavor to live what we believe all the time. It brings us happiness and helps us have the Holy Ghost in our lives. Mormons are also obedient to the laws of the land and try to be good citizens. People can see how Mormons look honest on the outside and can sense truth and goodness.

Mormons are givers. They give 10% of their income in tithing. They dedicate their time and resources to serve missions, serve in church callings, and serve their neighbors. We believe in doing good to all men. When you see a Mormon, they are respectful and even helpful to others.

Mormons are seekers.  “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, [Mormons] seek after these things [1].”  We seek after joy (2 Ne 2:25) in this life and eternally. Part of that joy is engaging in good activities and conversation. Not every Mormon likes the same activities, but the way we go about our activities usually gives us away in a crowd.

Mormons are repentant. No one is perfectly obedient but through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be clean from our sins. This makes a huge difference in appearance as we are not weighed down by guilt or dulled by compromises with sin. It makes our appearance lighter and even happier. Mormons appear clean.

The outward appearance of Mormons is often described as the light of Christ that is apparent in everyone striving to live good, truth seeking lives. I believe that Mormons are recognizable because they carry this light by living gospel principles like obedience, repentance, and service. The attributes listed are some of my ideas. What do you think makes Mormons recognizable?

written by: Brooke, an adventurous newly wed Mormon from Utah living in Boston who loves videography and exploring New England.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: What do Mormons look like?

  1. Teppo

    I wonder if how often this happens with other religious people. I think that sometimes I’m able to know that someone is religious without hearing them say anything specifically about it. But I’ve never thought about it very consciously to try to identify why this would be the case.

  2. Katie L.

    Very thoughtful post –love the defining attributes you chose. I especially appreciated the insight re. the visible burden that repentance can lift.


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