Finding Forgiveness

There was a story of a group of teens going out to a picnic in Arizona. Arizona is known for its rattle snakes, and while they were eating, a girl was bitten by one. The venom immediately entered the skin, and instead of trying to find medical attention, they chased after the snake and killed it. The girl who had been bit had to get her leg amputated. Because of revenge, and lack of sense, this poor girl paid the consequences. Put yourself in her situation. It probably wasn’t easy to forgive those who had chased after the snake, and hadn’t looked for her medical attention.

God requires we forgive others. If we don’t, we will inherit the greater sin. Pride is the obstacle. Taking offense, in my opinion is a choice. It’s natural to forgive. Jesus Christ suffered for all our sins and grief’s. When He was crucified He said, “Father, forgive them: for they not what they do”. After suffering more than humanly possible, he still forgives. It is only fit we forgive our neighbor. My question is how can we, in our right minds, know the sacrifice that was made for us, and not forgive others of less complex sins? Pride is a major speed bump. It stands in the way of our salvation. We are not more important than the offender. And they are probably having just as hard of a time trying to repent as you are trying to forgive.

How can we overcome horrible offences? The answer is through God, and humility. Prayer is direct communication between man and God. If we pray and ask for help from Him, he can help us. If God could part the Red Sea for Moses, than surly, he can help us become humble enough to forgive others of their offences. I have a firm belief that forgiving others and not retaining it in our minds is better than sulking and repeatedly thinking about the offence. I feel comforted when my mind isn’t on bad deeds someone was done towards me. I also feel God’s love as he helps me recover from my sadness.

The bottom line is that it’s possible to forgive others no matter what the offense. It’s possible to forgive and forget. We may never know if that young woman ever forgave her peers, but what I can say is if she did, she would be able to relax, forget, and forgive easier in the future. Through humility and through God forgiveness can be achieved because through God all things are possible.

3 thoughts on “Finding Forgiveness

  1. Elizabeth Richardson

    Great post, Jackson. I agree with everything you’ve said. And to take things even further, the failure to forgive can make people extremely sick. In my work, I see clients who have physical and mental health problems, sometimes life threatening. Time after time, I have seen people recover after we’ve helped them take care of the stresses causing problems for them — and the “medicine” we use is forgiveness. Often, the stresses making them sick are old offenses festering inside them. You are right — the Lord has built into us a value standard of forgiveness. I’ve written a few things about it on my website if you ever want any more information: You did a great job of making your points clearly. Best regards!

    1. Jackson Haight

      Thank you for your kind words. I belive that it really does hurt the physical side just as much as the spritual. We see a perfect example of that on your website.


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