Scripture Study

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Religion), we believe the scriptures as a vital part in increasing ones spirituality. In my life I have seen many benefits and blessings from reading the scriptures. A couple of the main blessings I have seen are: One, they can help evaluate one’s life by reading of the various stories of those in the Scriptures. Second, they provide direction and comfort. The Scriptures help evaluate your life, and how you can improve. From reading the stories in the Bible, we can see of the mistakes, and success of others from their choices. For example, Peter, a disciple of Christ, was warned by Jesus that he would deny him three times. Peter said he wouldn’t, so that night when Jesus was taken by a group of men Peter followed them. He was asked three times if he belonged with Jesus, and he said no. He then recognized that he had denied Jesus, and he repented speedily. We can learn many lessons from this example that can keep our life in check. One, we should listen to the righteous direction of others, and second, accept truth with humility. From testimonies and stories from these records, we can keep our lives in check by using them to guide our every-day decisions.

Second, we can receive direction and comfort from the scriptures. Because the scriptures were intended for, and apply to us, we can relate to them. This year, I was running X-Country for my school. I was discouraged because I had skipped practice because of a stress fracture, and I was eager to run after waiting. I looked for some inspiring words in the scriptures to help me. I read in the Book of Mormon, a verse that said, “And [he] lay sick in Sidom…and when he had heard these things he leaped upon his feet and began to walk…”(247). This gave me the trust in God; because I believed that everything would be ok. At my next meet, I felt great and knew that the words that I read in the scriptures applied to me.

From my experience in reading the Scriptures, I have been benefited greatly.  Although the study of these ancient records may seem boring, or a waste of time, my experience proves that wrong.  The time is worth it because of the blessings that come afterward.

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