Attending Church

A few weeks ago, Hurricane Irene whipped up the East Coast and threatened to hit Boston–and hard. Our governor encouraged everyone to stay indoors, so my weekly church services were canceled. I welcomed the rare chance to sleep in as my meetings start at 9:00, but as the day wore on, I realized how much I missed going to church that particular Sunday.

I rarely miss church. The reason why: The Holy Ghost confirms to me that Jesus Christ lives and that truth has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. This is why I go. Here are some more thoughts on going to church:

Every Sabbath day, Mormons around the world attend church. Church meetings are normally held on Sundays; however, this varies depending on location–when I lived in Cairo, we met on Friday, the Islamic sabbath day. Church consists of a three-hours block, one of which being sacrament meeting. Taking the sacrament is the main reason for going to church.

Church attendance also strengthens and edifies me. It gives me time to ponder on my actions during the previous week. It also gives me the motivation and encouragement to be a better person, a better friend, sister, aunt, roommate, Christian, etc. While I get a lot of inspiration from lessons, talks, and being around fellow members, it is the Spirit that truly whispers truths to me.

I encourage those of all faiths to take time out of your busy weeks to attendĀ  your worship meetings. There are so many little hidden tidbits in scripture stories that will come alive. You will come away wanting to serve your fellow man more and yourself a little less.

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