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The congregation I grew up with in Chicago.

The Modern Mormon Men (MMM) blog has become a guilty pleasure of mine over the past couple of months. I feel there’s a good balance of entertainment and insight albeit at times with a frustratingly male perspective. 🙂 What was I expecting, right?  Point is – I think the blog is great.

Yesterday, blogger Scott Heff posted an interview with Mitch Mayne, an openly gay Mormon recently called to a church leadership position in San Francisco.  As Scott mentions, there’s been quite a bit of media attention around Mitch’s calling and understandably so given the church’s historical stance on homosexuality.

I suppose I’m a “straight ally” as Mitch calls them and I was struck by the love of his Bishop in San Francisco. Mitch says:

My Bishop’s direction is this: The doors of the church in San Francisco are open to any and all, regardless of where people are in their lives; partnered, single, monogamous, dating, celibate—there’s room for everyone in our congregation. Bishop Fletcher said the other day that he wants our biggest problem to be lack of seating in the chapel on Sunday, and a challenge in keeping people from talking to one another during Sacrament Meeting because they are so darned glad to see one another. What a great goal! How could I not want to be part of a team like that?

I agree. What a great goal!

I encourage you to read the full interview over at MMM and leave a few thoughts for discussion.

2 thoughts on “Gay & Mormon

  1. ScottHeff


    Thanks for this write up! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I was really impressed with Mitch and have found him to be nothing but sincere and kind. Also glad we are a guilty pleasure. 🙂

    Regarding the “frustratingly male perspective”—although we are Modern Mormon MEN, we would LOVE to get more female perspectives and guest posts. Send us one!

  2. Teppo

    To me the goal of the San Francisco congregation really exemplifies the loving outreach that I think Jesus wants us to do. There is so much good we can accomplish by simple acts of kindness and caring, especially when there are differences that might separate us.

    For anyone who’s not familiar with the story of Mitch Mayne, it may be useful to point out that he is committed to living what Mormons call the law of chastity. This includes abstaining from sexual relations outside of a marriage between a man and a woman. I feel great admiration for the spirit of love that Mitch expresses in writing about his life situation, his trust in God and his faith in the guidance of living prophets.


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