Without Condition

I appreciate so much that Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally. No matter what, He loves us. No matter how many mistakes we make, He loves us. No matter how little time we take to talk to Him or even acknowledge Him, He loves us.

So often, we define our worth as what we accomplish rather than who we are. It’s easy to do that in such a competitive world these days. So often we think that we are not worth anything without our accomplishments. To Heavenly Father, this isn’t the case. Again, He loves us no. matter. what. I cannot tell you how much this knowledge comforts me when I feel like I’m just not doing a good job at life.

By doing what the world expects and what we think we must do to be accepted by the world often separates us from our own divinity.   We end up being less than the Lord knows we can be. deny our own spiritual heirship and makes us orphans as to spiritual things. And so often we choose the latter!

The Lord wants us to be like Him–complete in all things–something we cannot do without Him and the power of His atonement! We can become more like our Savior and become more complete in all things. This is something accomplishments cannot fully do for us.  We must choose, either to be made in the image of what we think is perfect, or to become more like our Father, made in his image.

2 thoughts on “Without Condition

  1. Natalie

    Hayley, as always thanks for a beautiful post. I’m drawn to the conclusion that that Christ’s infinite atonement was the manifestation of God’s unconditional love. Cause and effect. Love begat sacrifice.

    In times where it’s not as easy to remember that God loves us no matter our behavior, what’s the best way or reminder for you to keep this in mind?

  2. Yin

    Hi Hayley, I just found this blog and saw in your profile that you are a recovered bulimic. I wanted to ask if you dont mind talking to you about that. I’m a member and never met one who’s experienced sometime of addiction and it would mean a lot to me at this point in time.
    Thank you.


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