Mormons do have fun

I feel like I spend a decent amount of time defending my very conservative lifestyle as a Mormon and as well as trying to convince my co-workers that Mormons can and DO have fun. The interesting thing that I found is even though my peers perceive my lifestyle choices as odd, they respect me for it and even applaud the fact that I have been able to abstain from pre-marital sex and have never tasted alcohol in a culture where those two things are social norms.

As members of the Mormon church, we are asked to live the Word of Wisdom as well as keep the Law of Chastity. Those are the two main areas of lifestyle that I believe separate Mormons from main stream America.

So what do Mormon’s do to have fun? Personally, I love the outdoors and exploring the city I live in. My friends and I enjoy trying new restaurants, visiting museums, competing in races, taking road trips. We still go out to sports bars once in awhile, but instead get a non-alcoholic drink. Many of my friends enjoy dancing at the various clubs our city has to offer.

As each day goes by, I am more and more grateful for those standards that I have been asked to live by and expected to uphold. Although they seem restricting to others, I feel that they have given me more freedom in my life.

Does the religion you are a part of require you to stay away from certain aspects of the mainstream culture of your country?

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