For you, my dear friends, the sky is the limit.

I was reading a post from our friends over at Mormon Perspectives about her take on the Business Week article: God’s MBAs: Why Mormon Missions Produce Leaders.  She focuses on the contrast the article points out between the accomplishments of some Mormon men with that of Mormon women.  I liked her thoughts and wanted to provide some additional supporting perspectives from a few other sources that provide the “Mormon model” I’m most likely to subscribe to in perhaps some contrast to the one presented in the Business week article: Firstly, from the “top position” of the Mormon church, former president Gordon B. Hinckley: “The whole gamut of human endeavor is now open to women. There is not anything that you cannot do if you will set your mind to it. You can include in the dream of the woman you would like to be a picture of one qualified to serve society and make a significant contribution to the world of which she will be a part . . . For you, my dear friends, the sky is the limit.”

Quoted from an address given in 2001: How Can I Become the Woman of Whom I Dream.

Secondly, from a few Mormons willing to share their day-in-the-life-of:

I’m a broadcaster and a mom. I’m a Mormon.

I’m a wife, a mother and a public health professional who has lived in 4 countries with her family. I’m a Mormon.

I have friends that lead similar lives.  They strive for their dreams and enjoy the blessings of family.  Things don’t always work out as planned, but such is life.  For Mormons the gospel provides a path to happiness and as they apply principles in their lives there are some wonderful outcomes.

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