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Earlier today our friend Emily who blogs at Mormon Perspectives was part of a panel on Nevada’s Public Radio station KNPR with Walter Kirn (Newsweek editor & former Mormon) and Bengt Washburn (Mormon Comedian). The group discussed the “Mormon Moment” that seems to be happening in mainstream culture right now.

Emily’s review of the Book of Mormon musical attracted a lot of attention from both inside and outside of the Mormon faith and she shares an interesting point of view from a Mormon who moved from Utah to Boston. There’s a good recap of the broadcast over at Mormon Perspectives and Brigham, who blogs at Real Life Answers, provided his own perspective on the discussion.

Personally, I love that these conversations are taking place because they draw out all the different points of view that exist in Mormonism. Our belief in the agency to choose for ourselves results in a lot of variance in how we view the world around us – and how our religion shapes that view. I disagree with other Mormons all the time about important as well as not-so-important issues like gender roles, welfare and appropriate uses of congregational email lists. 🙂

But at the end of the day, as Emily commented during the broadcast, most of us are going to church to worship and develop a relationship with God. I believe our differences are God-given, wonderful, and ought to be embraced.

I highly recommend you listen to the broadcast – there are a number of perspectives shared and I hope it helps reduce any perceptions that Mormons are “cookie-cutter.”

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