God Fearing Fathers

This week is Father’s Day. I’ve talked a lot about motherhood and family in general but I haven’t really talked about fatherhood that much. Naturally I would talk about motherhood because I am a mother and also my faith has helped form my views and opinions on motherhood. From the outside it may appear that the Mormon Church likes to focus in on motherhood and kind of lets fathers off the hook. This is not true.

My dad and my own husband are pretty stellar guys. Social pressures tell these two men in particular (they are both in the finance industry) that they should dedicate 100% of their lives to their careers. For my husband, who is at the beginning of his career, he really has to work hard. His job is incredibly demanding, he works long hours, travels frequently, and work stress is his constant companion. Social pressures also tell him now is not the time for family and that he should be focusing on himself.

My dad, who is, we’ll just say, not at the beginning of his career, has social pressures to live a lavish, indulgent life style. He has earned his place in the world through hard work and determination and he should just be able to relax and reward himself.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormon Church) teaches its fathers and husbands something vastly different. Life is about service to others. Service to family, to neighbors, to congregation members, and to God. At no time in a man’s life is it a time to be selfish.

My husband works hard at work, he makes time and gives energy to his family, he dedicates time to God and to service in our Church and I believe that God is blessing his life for it.  My father has chosen a life of service in our church and community rather than an indulgent life. God requires a lot of both men and women, but he always blesses our lives in return.

Here’s to my husband, the daddy of our little boy, and to my father, daddy to 5 grown children and grandpa to 4 grandchildren (as well as to all the other fathers out there striving to focus on family). Fatherhood is not easy, especially when you try to balance it with career, thanks for all you do. Your families notice your hard work and dedication and so does God.

3 thoughts on “God Fearing Fathers

  1. Kelli

    Thanks for writing this. I am struggling to write my talk for Sacrament meeting tomorrow and I came across your blog while I was searching. I think I have a direction for my talk now!

  2. Juliana

    No doubt Mormon fathers are recognized for their dedication not only to their career pursuits but especially for what they have as a priority: their families and service to their loved ones, to their church responsibilities, and to the community. Happy Father’s Days to all of you!


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