We’re Not So Different

I think a lot of times when we as Mormons talk about our beliefs and experiences we focus on the things that are different. It’s easy to do, sometimes I just feel so incredibility different from everyone else around me. Not this past weekend.

I attended a funeral on Saturday. I didn’t really know the family, the person that had died was a family member of one of my husband’s co-workers. The death was very tragic and untimely. To be honest I was a little nervous to attend. I don’t have much experience with funerals. The only funerals I’ve been to have been for people who it was clearly their time to go and had been suffering for a long time. It was easy to feel peace at those funerals. I wasn’t sure how this funeral would be. I felt like if I had been in this  family’s shoes I would feel incredibly bitter and want revenge. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to say or do to show support and love because I imagined that this family would be suffering a great deal.

At the funeral I learned that the family was Christian though I’m not sure what denomination. At the funeral I also learned a lot about faith and hope. As the speakers talked they shared messages about this person’s life and carried a spirit and feeling with them that touched me so much. They did not dwell on the tragedy of the situation or the injustice that had happened to their family, they simply spoke about the wonderful life that this person had lived and the sure knowledge that they had that that person was still with them and was happy.

As members of different Christian denominations I’m sure many of our beliefs differ. But, I am also sure that we believe in the same Jesus Christ that brings peace and comfort in times of trials. I am grateful I was able to attend this funeral so that I could learn more about hope and try to live a more faith filled life.

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