The Sabbath in 45-seconds

Anyone who saw us on Sunday knows that our Sunday was not the most….reverent. I am working hard with my son to teach him how to sit still for longer than 30 seconds. I know it’s possible, he sits quite still while watching Cars or Winnie the Pooh. This is important on many fronts: going out to eat, being still for church, having guests over, etc. Back to Sunday, anyone who was with us at church or our friends who came over for dinner that evening know that this is a lesson we are ‘still working on.’

After our wrestling match during sacrament meeting I realized that our Family Home Evening lesson needed to be on appropriate behavior for the Sabbath. Having one day different from the rest is a pretty abstract concept for a two-year-old who doesn’t know  about the days of the week. Every day is pretty similar for him. I don’t feel like two-year-olds are a lost cause though. It may take a long time for him to understand certain concepts but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t start teaching now. The magic word is patience (don’t you just hate that word?).

My Family Home Evening lesson actually ended up being longer than 45-seconds this week because my son was actually very into it. He repeated everything I said and was excited to look at pictures and talk about Jesus. But, though a two-year-old can have a day where his attention span is longer than 45-seconds I know the bloggosphere is not so giving so I’ll abridge my lesson and keep it to 45-seconds. Here’s my short version of Sunday being a different day from the rest of the week.

Sunday is different from every other day of the week. On Sunday our focus is on  Jesus Christ, our Savoir. On Sunday we worship Christ and Heavenly Father by going to church and taking the sacrament. At church we are reverent and we keep our thoughts focused on Jesus. We also dedicate the whole day to doing what Jesus wants us to do. There are lots of different things we can do to dedicate the day to Christ; sometimes we visit people in need or we invite friends over for dinner or we go to meetings to discuss how to help people or we spend the day together as a family. We do not  do the regular everyday things that make us forget that Sunday is the Sabbath.

I also read a few quotes from a talk by one of our Apostles, Elder L. Tom Perry about the Sabbath, I highly recommend it. I love that we have a day that is separate from the rest of the week. It helps me renew my commitments to the Savior and gives me a boost for the rest of the week. What are your thoughts on the Sabbath?

2 thoughts on “The Sabbath in 45-seconds

  1. Natalie

    Sunday is the day I refind the center I lost during the hustle and bustle of the work week. I appreciate the calm and relative quiet of a reverent Sunday–it’s the day I let myself relax and remember the goodness of God.

  2. Barbara

    Good luck, Lindsay with your son on Sundays. I haven’t noticed it, so you’re doing a great job. I know a woman who sat still with her children for an hour each day so that they would learn to behave in Sacrament meeting That seems a bit intense, but it worked for her.


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