Mormons Think Jews Are Cool

Dear Jews:  I don’t know if you know this, but we Mormons think you’re amazing.  In fact, we think we’re your cousins.  Does this make you feel weird?

We just said goodbye to this great neighbor friend who’s Jewish.  We’ve had so many questions for each other and some of the best conversations I’ve had here at school.  I also taught the Old Testament in Sunday School last year, so Jewish doctrine has been on my mind a lot lately.

Last week, our Jewish friend invited us to the Harvard Hillel for a real Seder.  We walk in, and there were three other Mormons there that we knew from church.  5 Mormons at Seder?  Possibly more we didn’t know about?  LOVED the Seder.

2 Sticks:  Basically, we believe that the two sticks talked about in the Bible are the Jews & the Bible (stick of Judah) and the Mormons & the Book of Mormon (stick of Manassah).  We believe that the Bible and the Book of Mormon enhance each other and bear witness of the truth of the other and that together they testify of God, Christ, and teach God’s commandments and plan for us.

The dialogue between Jews & Mormons is alive and open.  Here are some that have caught my eye–they help explain the relationship between the two:–_oh_my_39110414/

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2 thoughts on “Mormons Think Jews Are Cool

  1. Michelle

    I was amused when I saw the title of this post, because I was just saying this exact same thing yesterday! In a conversation with a friend, I explained why I have so much respect for the Jewish community. Despite some differences in beliefs, I feel that Mormons and Jews are very similar. Both, as groups, are very devoted to their faiths and truly live their religions. Being a Mormon or a Jew involves more than Sabbath-day worship; it’s truly a lifestyle!

  2. Lorenzo

    Thanks for your post and the interesting links. I’ve often felt this too, from the moment I first learned about our interpretation of that scripture in Ezekiel. However, many other evangelical Christians also share the same sense of kinship with the Jews. What makes Mormon’s claim of cousin-ship unique among Christian religions? Moreover, is there something, other than the fact that they are the only tribe that remained intact throughout the centuries while all the other tribes assimilated into relative obscurity, that makes the Jewish community special among other tribes of Israel? Don’t the scriptures say that the Lord will unite all the tribes of Israel? Interested to hear your thoughts.


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