Run and Not Be Weary

This past Patriots Day I had the opportunity to watch some of the 115th Boston Marathon in Wellesley. Unfortunately by the time I got there all the elite runners had been through already and all I saw were very tired runners. Some of them were walking and being cheered on by animated spectators.

I did however, follow up on the winners online and I was happy to see that both the winners for the men and women categories had set significant records. The Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai, whose time was 2:02:59, set new Boston Marathon and world records. Caroline Kilel – also from Kenya – set a new record for the Boston Marathon. She finished the race in 2:22:26.

It is impressive how much endurance these guys have to run at an average speed of 13 miles per hour while all I can do is a 30-minute run at 6 mile-per-hour pace. Of course we are talking about serious professional runners.

There is a whole lot of preparation involved in training for a marathon and the Lord has taught us something called the Word of Wisdom.

If you have Mormon friends, you might already know that we don’t drink alcoholic beverages, tea or coffee, neither do we smoke or use illicit drugs. We believe that such substances are not good for our bodies either because they can harm our health or because we can become addicted or lose control over them. We believe that because God loves us He wants what is best for us. That also applies to other types of food or drink that might be harmful.

It was little bit of a challenge for me to give up coffee when I became a member of the Mormon Church. I grew up on coffee – that’s part of the Brazilian culture! But I knew I had to give it up if I believed in the Mormon doctrine. It took a lot of prayer and perseverance but I did it! Although I understand how hard it can be to give up on something you are used to, I also know that if it’s for the better it can be done. Blessings that can come from obedience to the Word of Wisdom include having more energy and not being weary – and perhaps even run in the next marathon!

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