No Sex? As in None? Why?…

This post is a little addition to my entry a couple of weeks ago about how Mormons wait to have sex until we’re married.  My friend who’s not Mormon read the entry and said she wanted to know more about the “why” behind what we teach about abstinence before marriage.

Why do Mormons (as well as many other Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc.) teach “no sex before marriage”?  It comes down to two things:  Family, and the reasons we believe God intended us to have sex.

We believe that it’s all about the family–as in, everything.  We believe that God intended for the family to be the fundamental unit of society here on earth, as well as in Heaven.  We believe that the most important thing we can do in this life is to raise a good, close, happy family.

We also believe that sex is A) to procreate and B) to share our love in the most intimate way possible with the person we have committed our life to.

That’s basically it.  There are so many other reasons we believe God wants us to wait, as well as why it just makes sense to wait, and all the things we simply avoid by only using the gift of procreation with the one person we are committed to.  But I want to stress the family’s most fundamental part in our religion and how sex fits into that framework.  The best way I could try to explain that would be to direct you to our Church’s statement on the family.  It is so clear and so powerful.  I sign my name along with our leaders, and I believe every statement with my whole heart. The Family:  A Proclamation to the World.

2 thoughts on “No Sex? As in None? Why?…

  1. Smita Kothari

    Summer, during our courtship, my husband and I were very clear that we were not going to have sex before wedding. It was not something we shared explicitly and I don’t know where it is coming from: religion/faith, community, fear…But in hindsight, I think it’s a wonderful idea to not have sex before the official wedding. This way the charm and excitement for the wedding is unmatched.

  2. Summer

    Smita that is so great. I’m so glad you made that decision beforehand–and that it made your wedding so much more beautiful and special!


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