“In the Name of Jesus Christ”

My dear grandmother died about a month ago. At age 94, she was still going strong until a series of small strokes weakened her body and mind until she died six weeks later. The doctors were amazed she lasted that long considering all the close calls she had. One day she would be bed-ridden while on the next day she would join her family for dinner at the table. It was a perfect example of her strength and determination.

At the same time period, my sister’s baby girl was due any minute. There were several false alarms and trips to the hospital. During these six weeks, we were anticipating the loss of a loved one and the addition of a sweet new baby. This was an intense time for our family, as one can imagine.

Within a few weeks of each other, my new niece was born and my grandmother peacefully died in her sleep. Members of my immediate and extended family gathered in grandmother’s home city to attend her funeral and celebrate her dedicated and righteous life. Because we were all together, my new niece was also blessed that same weekend.

The knowledge that one noble spirit was about to return to her God and her deceased family members while another was about to meet her new family is undeniable. Family is meant to be forever.

Allow me share with you another thing I realized during these few days: Mormons absolutely dedicate every facet of our lives to Jesus Christ.

My grandmother’s casket was closed with a prayer ending in “in the name of Jesus Christ.” Same with the opening and closing prayers of her funeral. Same with the dedication of her grave. “In the name of Jesus Christ.” Later, at a meal the ladies in her congregation prepared for our family, even the food was blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

The next day, my niece was blessed by her sweet father in the name of Jesus Christ. Testimonies were born in the name of Jesus Christ. I am also proud to say that I will see my grandmother again, and this time, in the presence of Jesus Christ.

Other things we do in the name of Jesus Christ on a regular basis: personal prayer, family prayer, the blessing of the sacrament, home dedications, couple prayers, temple dedications, prayers over food, priesthood blessings to heal the sick, father’s blessings, opening and closing prayers of meetings, talks in church meetings, lessons in church meetings, etc.

Mormons are Christians. I am proud to be Mormon because I am proud to consecrate so many of my daily actions to Christ.

3 thoughts on ““In the Name of Jesus Christ”

  1. Natalie

    I’ve never once stopped to inventory how many times and what things we do in the name of Jesus Christ. This list you have is impressive and another testament to how important Mormons reverence the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing but I’m glad you have faith to know she’ll be waiting and cheering you on from the other side. How grateful I am that Jesus’ sacrifice made that possible. Happy Easter Haley!

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