Many Ways to Give

The Church’s clean water projects in Africa have blessed such places as Sierra Leone, the central African city of Luputa and the Congolese villages Tshiabobo, Mafumba, Kasha and Ibola. These projects have blessed the lives of nearly four million Africans since 2003.

Two things contributed to the choosing of the topic I am writing about today. One was the documentary called God Grew Tired of Us that Melanie mentioned in her last post and the other was the article called Blessed to Give that was published the last edition of the Ensigna magazine published by the Church. The first is about the resettlement in the United States of a few boys from Sudan who fled from their country during civil war.

After watching this documentary, which portrays quite well the hardships and suffering of the group of courageous yet hopeful group of males, besides making me emotional and sad it inspired me to do something to help. Besides being a student and not having much money myself I thought I could still help in some way-it could mean sacrificing a night out or holding off on something I want to have or even giving out used clothes, shoes or books. The key is to be grateful for what you have and realize that you might don’t need all you want and that there are others that need the essentials and don’t have them.

The Mormon Church does more charitable acts than it is known. There are many people who donate money, time, stocks, etc. This can be done together with our tithing or through LDS Philanthropies there is much that can be donated. The beautiful thing is that anyone could donate any amount they wish. This can also be done online, it doesn’t take much time and it will sure benefit someone in much more need than us. We are also counseled by our leaders to live within our means and to be self reliant. Our first responsibility is to provide for ourselves and our families and then to others.

I believe that when we give we are blessed and that God does bless us so that we can help Him bless the lives of others and fulfill our dreams.

2 thoughts on “Many Ways to Give

  1. Melanie1

    Thanks for your post Juliana. We are so blessed! And there are so many ways and opportunities for us to give back.

  2. Logan

    Perhaps one thing unique about the Mormon church’s approach to service and welfare activities, that was recently explained in its latest General Conference, is its emphasis on personal responsibility and self-reliance. One of the pioneers of the church’s welfare program once explained this difference thus: “Many programs have been set up by well-meaning individuals to aid those who are in need. However, many of these programs are designed with the shortsighted objective of ‘helping people,’ as opposed to ‘helping people help themselves.’” Our objective is to ensure that those we help can enjoy the added blessings that come with being givers, and not simply recipients of aid.


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