Easter in 45 Seconds

Each Monday night Mormon (also known as Latter-day Saint) families are instructed to have what we call Family Home Evening. Basically it’s a time set aside out of each week for the family to be together. At Family Home Evening we sing a song and say a prayer, talk about a spiritual message together and then have some kind of activity. The activities in my house are always either playing basketball on our Nerf basketball hoop or playing trains. My son always decides; he has simple pleasures.

Growing up we would all take turns giving the spiritual message. It gave us each an opportunity to share our feelings and thoughts on spiritual matters with the rest of the family. Now, in my own family our spiritual messages are quite basic since I want my 2-year-old son to be able to understand. The message normally lasts about 45 seconds—the attention span of a 2-year-old (if I’m lucky). Each week I have to think of how I can explain things in the most basic and shortest phrases possible.

This past Monday our message was about Easter. Easter is not for a few weeks but I always like to get as much as I can out of my holidays. One day is simply not enough. I want holidays to be fun and exciting in our house. I am going shopping this week for presents for my son’s Easter basket; the presents will probably consist of various cars, trains and dinosaurs. But, I also want my son to know why we celebrate these holidays.

I thought about how to explain Easter to him on the most basic level. Here’s the 45 second version: Easter is about Jesus Christ. Jesus died for us but it wasn’t the end for him. He came back to life after three days and because of that we will live again too and can be with our families forever.

In essence, for me, Easter means hope. Death is not the end. Christ’s suffering finally ended but his life did not. I want more than anything for my son to feel hope. I want him to know that I have hope. I want him to know that it is because of our Savior, Jesus Christ that that hope is possible.

3 thoughts on “Easter in 45 Seconds

  1. Teppo

    Lindsey, I love the idea of 45 second explanations! I move that Lindsey should have a regular series of life lessons in 45 s 🙂

  2. Ashley

    I often need the 45-second second lesson myself. It’s amazing how you really can fit the basics into just a few sentences. The video you shared is evidence of that — and it’s powerful!

  3. AB

    I agree with Teppo. I like this idea of 45 second lessons. Also, I love the combination of pragmatism and love in your approach to teaching your son. It makes me think of the really great moments I have had with my nieces and nephews.

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