Come listen to a Prophet’s voice

This weekend, Mormons around the world are tuning in to listen to our modern Prophet and Apostles speak and instruct us on how to become better disciples of Jesus Christ and in turn better people. Our friends at have outlined what Conference is and why it’s important (1, 2, and 3 times!). If you’re interested in watching any of the sessions, the player below has been embedded for your convenience and curiosity.

**Update – The sessions have now completed and the in-page video player has been removed. The talks, songs, and messages from Conference are available by video or audio feed here. Text will be uploaded on Thursday, 4/7. **

Like conferences happening around the world, participants are actively tweeting about what they hear, what they feel, and what they think while watching Conference. Follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #ldsconf.

What did you hear that resonated with you? Has your heart been softened or changed?

One thought on “Come listen to a Prophet’s voice

  1. Brigham

    I loved Jeffrey Holland’s talk in the closing session where he reminded us that none of the topics are assigned; each speaker on his or her own with prayer chose what to speak on. It reminded me that each talk–even those I might be tempted to tune out from–is the result of somebody earnestly seeking the guidance of the Spirit to know what to say, and is therefore worth me paying attention to. I also appreciated his encouragement to those who are trying the best they can even if their home is at times a bedlam overrun by bedlamites! (I have three)

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