We Believe in Education

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has some unique programs.  About ten years ago, the leadership of the church announced a new program that would seek to enable disadvantaged members who are seeking opportunities to improve their economic situation by providing them with a special loan to be used for educational purposes.  I was at that General membership meeting or General Conference when the announcement was made by Gordon B. Hinckely, former President of the Church.  I really felt that the announcement would have significant implications for the church and its members.  Now ten years later over 40,000 people’s lives have been affected by the program referred to as the Perpetual Education Fund or PEF.  Details can be found here.

Anyone know someone personally that has benefited from the PEF program?

One thought on “We Believe in Education

  1. Ashley

    Daniel, I don’t know anyone who has directly benefited from the program, but I think it is a truly valuable part of the Church. The PEF was announced about 10 years ago, and it’s interesting to note how many other similar programs there are around the world. It seems like I’ve heard of more and more micro-loan organizations in the past couple of years than ever before.

    Since the program isn’t available in the U.S., it’s not something I hear about very often. But I don’t doubt that people’s lives are being changed by it. This post is a reminder to me to be grateful for the education and opportunities I have been given.


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