Shout Out (to all you that still practice your religious traditions)!

Yesterday I took my brother over to see my favorite building on our campus:  The Class of 1959 Chapel.  It’s a non-denominational little modern church built kind of like a seashell with nothing but concrete walls and bamboo chairs inside, and an occasional set of prisms, if you catch it when the sun’s just right.

At the front there’s a tiny alter and after exploring I found that the front of it contains bits of pieces of several different religions:  I think there’s some sacrament trays, bells, some sort of Jewish cloth, some stuff I’m not even really sure what it’s for, and a prayer rug.

My brother started telling me about his co-worker friend who, even at work, takes time out five times a day to find a clean, quiet place to lay his prayer rug.  My brother absolutely loves to see him do this.  We started talking about how rare it is that people our age actually do their religious things on a daily or even weekly basis, and we realized that we are very few in numbers.

If you pray, are sacrificing something for Lent, study your scriptures, keep your Sabbath Day holy, plan to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, practice your religion’s dietary norms, meditate, or go to church meetings, we join you!  And we think you’re really cool, too!

3 thoughts on “Shout Out (to all you that still practice your religious traditions)!

  1. M. E. Pickett

    I join you in saluting our brothers and sisters who live their religions. My beliefs affect every aspect of my day, so I always get excited when I meet another person who is just as dedicated to their religion, no matter what it is. Too often I find that people are fine with religion and God as long as he doesn’t try to tell them what to do. Finding people who understand that religion’s purpose is to do just that, teach us how to be better people, I feel like I’ve found someone who understands me. Thanks for this post.

  2. Natalie

    Well said. There’s a certain brotherhood that exists between humans living a spiritual, faith-based life in a secular world, thanks for calling attention to it.


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