How do I love thee?

Jesus Christ taught us that after loving God, the greatest commandment was to love our neighbor as ourselves. For the most part I love people in general, especially those that love me or those who are easy to love. It’s when it comes to those who are hard to love that I have a hard time.  I always try to think of what is it that is so great about a certain person that makes God to love them so much. It helps me to find at least one quality that I would focus on instead of something I don’t like or don’t agree with.

I also notice that the level of my love for others is also a reflection of my relationship with myself and with God. The times I love and appreciate myself better and have more self-esteem correspond to the times that I love others better. That love for myself in great part has to do with my relationship with God. When I feel close to Him and to the Savior, I tend to emulate the love of Christ towards others that I could not love by myself. That’s the Christ-like love that one of our modern-day apostles of Jesus Christ, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shares in his message below:

2 thoughts on “How do I love thee?

  1. Natalie

    Juliana — I love your idea of finding a lovable trait in everyone, even those who seem hard to love. I’m going to make this a practice.

    In a similar vein, to curb some natural tendencies of passing judgement while at college, I tried to imagine what every person I passed would look like in formal ware. I LOVE dressing up, so it was fun to imagine how lovely each person would look in their finest clothing. Totally random, but it helped me see everyone as God sees them.

    How do you go about loving people who go out of their way to make life difficult for you? It’s easier to love people who are annoying but relatively inoffensive — how might you suggest loving someone who actually makes themselves hard to love?

  2. Ashley

    Natalie, I’m going to start picturing homeless people in formal wear. Good one!

    Juliana, that video is so great. By nature, I seem to do the exact opposite of what Elder Holland says: “Assume the good, doubt the bad.” But we’re given a promise that taking that view will never fail. It seems hard to believe, but I hope to give it a better shot from here on out!


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