Serving in the Mormon Church

In the Mormon Church we all do something to contribute. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, we don’t have paid clergyman or professional organ players. Most members chip in their own time and talents to help our church run smoothly. In the past, I have taught gospel lessons to the women in our women’s organization called the Relief Society and have helped ensure that the women in my congregation are receiving needed fellowship from other women and that their temporal and spiritual needs are met. Right now I am in the presidency of our congregation’s Relief Society. I did not ask to do any of these things or campaign to be voted in. We are simply asked if we will serve in a certain capacity and we can accept or decline.

Sometimes the talents that we already possess are used to benefit others. For instance, if you play the piano or organ there is a good chance you will be asked to play for church services. Sometimes we get to learn new talents. For me, learning to prepare a lesson and teach it to a class was a new talent that I had to learn. Right now, most of my duties in my presidency are focused on planning activities for all the women in our congregation. This is also a new talent that I am learning. It takes up quite a bit of time and is sometimes quite stressful. So, why do I do it?

As Summer mentioned in her latest post, we are not just a ‘holiday church.’ We do come to church to be uplifted and to learn about Christ’s teachings but we also come to serve. We strive to be more like Christ through service and much of that service happens at church. By donating our time and various talents we are serving each other. Sometimes the service is spiritual, like teaching a gospel lesson at church or sometimes the service is more material like my friend that serves on my committee for activities—she decorates every time we have an activity to make it look fabulous and inviting (and she does an awesome job). By serving each other at church we allow other people the opportunity to learn about the Savior and feel welcome. It makes our congregation a real community because we depend on each other and learn to love each other.  I really am glad that I’m able to serve at church in so many different ways, I have benefited from it tremendously by obtaining talents I would have never pursued otherwise but I hope that others have also benefited because that’s the whole point.

5 thoughts on “Serving in the Mormon Church

  1. Teppo

    Thanks for the post Lindsey! So have you ever been asked to do service that you really did not want to do? How did you react?

    1. Lindsey

      I have actually. I wont go into specifics on what the job was but I’ve had a couple that I really didn’t want to do. To be honest, I just did them. The only person I would vent to was my husband but besides that I tried very hard to not complain to anyone else and to just do the best job I could. I’m glad I did them now, I learned a lot from them and I learned a lot about myself. Just because I don’t want to do something doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done.

  2. Ashley

    Regarding the service we offer at church, I think it’s also important to remember that the tasks we are assigned are not based on how qualified we are. In a job setting, someone is hired based on his or her experience, knowledge, etc. But at church we are asked to do things that will stretch us and allow us to progress. It’s easy to think that certain “jobs” within the church are reserved for the most “spiritual” people. But it is often the case that people are placed in particular positions because God knows they need to learn something new in order to grow.

  3. [email protected]

    I love that we have unpaid callings in our church! My past callings have given me opportunities that have helped me grow; spiritually, socially, and even professionally.

    God always knows what is best for us even if we don’t understand. When the Bishop (leader of the congregation) receives inspiration from God that I should have a certain calling, I know that it will end up being a wonderful experience for me. For example, I was once called to be a Sunday School teacher although I hated speaking in public, was younger than everyone in the class and didn’t feel I understood the gospel as well as I everyone else. Why would they ever give ME this calling? Even though I was afraid, I accepted. Teaching was hard in the beginning; I was sweating and shy. By the time I was released from my calling, I was much more confident in myself. And that confidence carries through in other aspects of my life. Although I still don’t love getting up to teach the class, I know I can do it. I know that God doesn’t ask me to do anything I can’t handle.

  4. Russanne Sasser

    Okay I believe you now. Thanks for the mention for my decorations! I never really saw it is a very spiritual way to give to the church, but now I am realizing that if it’s inviting and warm that the spirit can be invited as well.


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