Gotta Get to Institute

I got a good laugh from this video promoting Mormon Institute. You may have heard your Mormon friends talking about seminary or institute classes.

During high school, many LDS youth throughout the world have the opportunity to attend seminary, which is a daily religion class. Depending on the area of the world, students either attend early morning seminary (usually held in a church building near them) or attend seminary during school (held in a building near their high school campus). This allows students a “break from the world” so to speak, an opportunity to increase their knowledge in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to feel His spirit.

However, these classes are not limited to LDS youth. Those who are not LDS and wish to participate only need consent from their parent. I have many fond memories of my seminary classes. I learned much from my teachers as well as built lasting relationships with the students in my classes.

Institute is designated for college students and other single adults who would wish to have religious instruction throughout the week. Depending on the area, they’re typically held daily, once or twice a week. The LDS institute in your area most likely holds other events and activities which you are able to attend for a spiritual uplift and social interaction with other single adults. Find an institute near you by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Get to Institute

  1. Teppo

    Thanks Melanie! I’ve had a lot of fun at institute. Now I’m about to get married and wondering if we should continue to attend. Any thoughs or experiences from other married people?


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