Self Reliance

This month’s Ensign, a magazine published by the church, had an article on gardening.  Sure there are plenty of spiritual analogies that can be made with gardening, but this article addressed planting tomatoes, cucumbers or flowers.  I love that about the Mormon church!

The article is about self reliance and encourages members to learn something new.  My wife and I are going to start planting some stuff, I don’t know exactly what, but I’m a hopeful it’ll be a good experience.  Anyone interested in reading the article can find it here: Seeds of Self Reliance.

I’m curious if anyone else has started cultivating plants for harvest in a 450 ft2 apartment.

3 thoughts on “Self Reliance

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for catching that, the link has been fixed. I like the opening lines of the article – quoting president Kimball, “Study the best methods of providing your own foods. Make your garden . . . neat and attractive as well as productive.” I don’t know what it is exactly but after having recently watched a few documentaries “King Corn” and “Food, Inc.” the advice seems wise. Moreover, as an engineer by profession, gardening could be a practical, even entrepreneural outlet for experimentation. I’m curious to see how for instance I could address the issue of frequent watering for container gardens (see point 4. of the article). Could I perhaps come up with something that limits the mass transfer of water (evaporation rate) so that one doesn’t have to frequently water?


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