Songs of my Heart

One of my favorite things about Sunday church meetings is listening to and singing songs of praise to God. Singing is a great way of worshiping because the hymns are inspiring and they always invite the Holy Ghost. We Mormons love singing hymns – during our three-hour Sunday services we sing an average of two songs per hour. Even though in some congregations there may be quite a few musically talented people, everyone is welcome to participate no matter how well they can sing. It’s not about how well you can sing but rather how you want to worship. Some may not be comfortable singing at all and prefer listening instead; some may be talented and brave enough to go up and play an instrument or sing a solo or be a part of the choir.

There is a great selection of topics for many occasions in our hymn book. There are songs about hope, charity, love, peace, praise, scriptures, service, church history, Christmas, and Easter among others. Some of my favorites about the Savior are I Know That my Redeemer Lives and I Need Thee Every Hour. Others such as I Am a Child of God and A Child’s Prayer, found in the children’s songbook, are also inspiring.

I always have some hymns with me so that I can listen to them while driving or when riding on the subway. Listening to inspiring music helps me to get through the week and it reminds me of the love that God has for me.

2 thoughts on “Songs of my Heart

  1. Barbara

    I love hymns too! I feel the Spirit through these sacred hymns, and it’s always a wonderful feeling!

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