Anytime, Anywhere

A few years ago, I was living in a large European city with a prominent underground train system. I regularly rode a particular line that lies about 100 feet below ground level. Going down the escalator to the train was like entering a new dimension. Depending on the season, a freezing cold or stifling hot dimension. And always an uncomfortably crowded dimension.

Once on the train, there were only a few things you could do: read a newspaper, stare at other people, or listen to music. Obviously, cell phones were rendered useless, hopelessly “searching for service” until taking the escalator back up to the world of the living. While underground, you are cut off from the invisible webs of digital media that send information directly to our little devices.

One memorable day, I experienced a number of disappointments having to do with my future studies. Despite efforts to shrug off the bad news and tell myself, “It’s not a big deal. Everything will work out,” I felt incredibly discouraged, because, let’s face it, my future studies were the least of my worries, and feelings of failure and emptiness from other compartments of my life started to take hold. In short, I was quickly sliding into a state of ugly despair.

As I was sitting on the train, I had the urge to pray for comfort and relief from the anguish rapidly filling my heart. I needed Heavenly Father to be in on this struggle so that He could help me through it. I was tired and not thinking straight, because for several minutes I thought, “There’s no reception. I’ll have to wait until I’m overground again.”

All of a sudden – and I credit the Holy Ghost for this revelation – I laughed out loud when I realized the silliness of what I’d been thinking: No cellular reception, and, therefore, no praying!! Grateful, I prayed as hard as my discouraged little heart could. It wasn’t anything eloquent. Rather, it was a repeated plea for help to get through the moment.

Prayer is direct communication with God, no matter where you are. I know Heavenly Father heard my prayer that day rising from the depths of the underground system. I know he sent the Holy Ghost to comfort me in my moment of need. Finally, I know you can pray anywhere, anytime and He will hear you.

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  1. Tiffany


    Thank you for sharing this personal experience. I have found that some of my most sincere or earnest prayers have occurred in strange places and situations. We are encouraged to have a constant prayer in our hearts, and while prayers said kneeling in the privacy of a bedroom show God our deference, I know that there is power in calling upon Him in prayer in a moment when we need strength, encouragement, an answer, protection, or to express gratitude. He is there for us 24/7 no matter where we are, or even what we have done.


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