Families are Forever

For the next few weeks I am going to focus my posts on family. Family is what I have on my mind most of the day. It is my full time job right now so the way that I view everyday life as a Mormon is greatly influenced by experiences relating to family.

"The way that I view everyday life as a Mormon is greatly influenced by experiences relating to family."

I was thinking about why family is so important to me and a lot of answers came to mind. The most basic and fundamental answer that I thought of was that we believe that families are eternal. Just think about that for a second, if you believed that you would be with your family for eternity (literally) wouldn’t that make it pretty important? There are a lot of important things in my life: money, employment, etc. None of those things are eternal. I will have none of those things after I die. That means in my mind the things that are eternal, the things I will have forever, are most important to me: family, faith, happiness, education, and so forth.

Because I believe I will be with my family for eternity it is very important for me to feel like I have a good relationship with each member of my family. I work very hard to be united with my husband; he’ll be mine forever so we better get along! I strive to teach and love my son so that he can also know happiness.

When you know something is eternal it is much higher on the priority list. For me, I am willing to sacrifice money, time, fancy things, convenience, and comfort so that I will have a loving and united family with me forever.

4 thoughts on “Families are Forever

  1. Brigham

    I wise man once said: “No other success in life can compensate for failure in the home.” I believe it. I’ve heard about so many incredibly successful people in other aspects of their lives (athletes, politicians) who just seem to sabotage any chance for a happy family life. It’s hard to imagine being truly happy without loving family relationships, either in this life or in the life to come. Thanks for the post!

  2. Anonymous

    I love the knowledge that families can be together forever, however, there are families members I keep at arms length, and would want to keep at arms length for eternity. It’s somewhat idealistic to assume that everyone wants to be with their family members forever. If you have any thoughts on that, I’d be interested.

    1. Melanie 2

      Eternal families are not a given for anyone – we still need to qualify. When Mormons talk about the blessing of being sealed together, this does not mean we’re forced to be together forever – but righteous living opens the door for the opportunity. We have to be obedient to God’s laws and live so that we can qualify for this opportunity. I believe that if my entire family were living according to the criteria set by God, then whatever hesitations, tensions or personal beef we have with each other would be resolved because we would all be better people. But if I’m not living according to God’s laws, then it’s a mute point – I won’t have the opportunity to make that choice at all.

    2. Lindsey

      I think you bring up a very interesting point. There are people who certainly would not want to be with their families forever. Those who have suffered abuse or neglect would, I believe, be among those people who would not care to hold on to those relationships. Like Melanie 2 mentioned, We have to qualify and choose eternal family relationships so personally I think those who have been abused by family members are certainly not going to forcefully be bound to people who have not loved them.

      I think few of us would want to forever sever all possibility of being with family members that have not been abusive, even if our relationships were not the best. The way I think of life as an eternal family is not my family being locked in a room together where we are literally by each others side for eternity. I think of it like it is now. I am doing things with my husband, my siblings and parents live in other places doing their own things, my children will one day be off doing their own things. I will forever be companions with my spouse but for the rest of my family we keep in touch, we visit, I can be with them when I choose but most of my time is with the person I chose to become companions with, my husband. I think it is all about choice. I am not forced to be with anyone but I do have the option to be with people and spend time with them. Without the bonds of eternal families that the temple brings I don’t believe we will have that choice to be with those people. Those are my own thoughts on it. I’d be interested to know how other people see it.

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