What the Temple Means to Me

For me, one of the great things of living in Boston is that we have a Mormon temple nearby where we can go in and worship God as well as serve others. However, a temple wouldn’t have meant more than another beautiful building sitting on the top of a hill before I came to the knowledge of its importance in the lives of those who enter it.

One of the things that caught my attention most when I was investigating the church was the plan of happiness that God has for us. I came to know and understand that because God loves us so much that He created a plan for all of us. That plan included our life with Him before we came to earth, we chose to come to this earth in order to learn and obey Him and, we will return to Him one day as we choose do follow His commandments.

Not only that- He promises us that we will have our loved ones to be with us. I was thrilled when I heard that our families can be together forever. The temple makes it possible because this is where we can be married for time and eternity and not only until death. It’s a wonderful thing for me to have been married to my husband for time and eternity because I know that we will always be together. I also hope to have the same comforting experience once I get united with my family for time and eternity.

The Lord wants all His children to enter the temple and because His house is a sacred place, we need to be prepared to enter it so that we will have a great experience in there. For me it was worth the wait. I was always eager to enter the temple right after I got baptized into the church. I wanted to learn more and more about everything.

The knowledge that I can be with my loved ones after I die gives me comfort when there is a death in the family. Losing my grandfather a few years ago made me feel very sad for several weeks. I know it could have been worst if I didn’t have the knowledge that I can be with Him again for eternity and by going to the temple. Just driving past it is a good reminder of that.

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  1. Brigham

    I think the temples are beautiful reminders both to those who have been inside and to those who haven’t that God lives and loves us and that there is an eternal purpose to our lives. Thanks for the post!

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