Trusting Divine Direction

I just received word today that I didn’t get a position with a company I initially felt excited about.  Perhaps this sounds like bad news—at least for a moment.  Here was a chance to gain new experience and preparation for future management positions with experience overseas.  I had anticipated just such an opportunity several years back and so when the opportunity came knocking at my door, I thought it was time.

However, like a lot of things in my life, I made this a matter of prayer. The result: a feeling of ambivalence shortly after the final round of interviews, something I couldn’t really shake in spite of all apparent advantages and the encouragement of family and friends.  While I waited for a decision I tried to rationalize accepting an offer if extended, but I felt as if the whole thing had left my mind, as if someone I really trusted had told me to forget about it.  The outcome?

I didn’t get an offer, but the real outcome is still to be determined.  As humans, we can be so short-sighted sometimes.  I had a similar experience with a career opportunity a few years back.  Everything seemed to line up just perfectly and then?  The company instituted a hiring freeze right after interviews.

So instead I pursued other opportunities with my employer which lead to my meeting my sweetheart wife—something I’m extremely grateful for.  Had I been offered a position, I would have taken it and things would be different today.  As I look back on things, I see that things have probably worked out for the best.

Anyone have similar experiences?

One thought on “Trusting Divine Direction

  1. Brigham

    We never get to see what would have happened, so it’s hard to know for sure that things turned out for the best. But all the same I have had some similar experiences, although I wasn’t quite as astute as you to recognize beforehand that a particular path wouldn’t be the best. I had an interview lined up for an investment banking job at an internationally prominent bank. I was walking out the door to the airport when I realized I had the departure time wrong–the plane had actually already taken off. They offered to interview me two weeks later, but by then I had to commit to other options, so I’ll never know how I would have fared on Wall Street! Since then I have taken a path in a very different direction, but I have had experiences and learned things and received blessings that I feel strongly I wouldn’t have had had I gone the other route, so I believe I was unwittingly the beneficiary of divine direction.


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