The Mormon Vocabulary: Something New in any Language

It seemed that when I joined the Mormon Church eight years ago I had to learn a whole new vocabulary in my own language. I don’t come from a family who were used to reading the Bible or any other scriptures. My parents did teach us about God, Jesus Christ, prayer and faith. However, we weren’t really church going people when I was growing up.

While in high school I was introduced to the church through a friend who invited to come along with her on a Sunday morning. I became interested and decided to learn more and be taught by the missionaries. Although I felt good about what I was experiencing it was hard for me to understand all the unusual vocabulary of the scriptures. I remember always having a dictionary beside my Book of Mormon whenever I read it.

Not only was the scripture language was new to me, I began to observe that the Mormons didn’t say the name of God as often as I was used to. They also didn’t swear or use curse words. It’s not that I had a ‘dirty mouth’ as we say in Brazil, but most people I knew at school said a bad word once in a while.

Later I came to understand the reason why Mormons didn’t use the name of God unless they were praying or teaching about Him. I came to understand who God really is – our creator and our Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to be happy. The least we can do is to respect Him and His sacred name.

Mormons also try to follow Jesus Christ and keep a clean language by not using words that would hurt, offend or speak evil of others. It may not be easy when you live in a world where it is so common to swear at anyone who annoys you or at anything that goes wrong, but it is possible. For me it was just a matter of getting into the habit and being around friends that would have the same standards as me.

If you are not Mormon or have never heard a Mormon get upset before, here are some alternatives to use when the urge to swear comes: gosh, dang it, shoot, etc. Feel free to add any others you may know.

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