What Makes a Sabbath Day Holy?

Exodus 19:8
“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

As a Mormon, the day I set aside as my Sabbath to worship God is Sunday. I think I might have grown up thinking that the Sabbath Day was naturally a holy day, just because it was always on Sunday.  But the older I’ve gotten, I have started to notice that not every Sunday feels the same.  And it’s not because some Sundays are inherently “holier” than others.  It’s because of me.

I have come to understand that it is my responsibility to make my Sunday feel like a real Sabbath.  In order for a day to be “holy,” I need to treat it differently than any other day.  I need to remember what the Sabbath is essentially for, and then adjust my activities accordingly–this means that I’ll end up not doing some things I normally do and that I’ll add some things in their place–things that are special to me in worshiping God and rejuvenating my spirit.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.  What does the Sabbath Day mean to you?  Do you notice a difference in how the Sabbath feels when you do or don’t do certain things on that day?  How do you try to make your Sabbath actually holy?  I have some thoughts on this–things I’ve always tried to do–but I have been noticing lately that I need to do something different–something more–and I’d like ideas.

4 thoughts on “What Makes a Sabbath Day Holy?

  1. Melanie1

    I love Sundays because it’s one day of the week that I don’t feel obligated to run errands and check off my “to do” list. I could definitely improve a lot on making the day more holy for myself. Some of my favorite Sunday activities are to set goals for the week, skype or talk with my family who live in Arizona, write in my journal and study the scriptures.

  2. AB

    I have noticed that Sunday feels more like the Sabbath if I take some time after I come home from church to spend some time with God. It’s an internal thinking time where I go over with Him where I’m at personally, how to process things that have happened to me, what I need to make a priority to improve on, and to remember and feel out where we are at in our relationship. The Sundays that I take the time to do this are much more sacred to me than the Sundays that I come home and immediately jump into other things–even really good things like service or reading an insightful book. I often still do those things afterward, but taking that time first is really important

    1. summer

      You write about your relationship with God as if He were right there in person with you–a roommate or a family member, . I guess He is–thank you so much for sharing and reminding me that my relationship with God, like any other close relationship, requires my time and assessment of how things are going in the relationship.


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