Mormons Believe in Forgiveness

I love Mormon church conferences.  Twice a year over a two day period, some of the most inspiring messages on life and gospel principles are shared with church members by our religious leaders.  Anyone curious enough can view conferences live on the internet and past conferences are also archived here. During every conference session there usually at least two or three talks that really speak to me.

When I’m not listening to NPR on the radio on the way into work sometimes I’ll stream a past conference talk on my iPhone. There are a few talks that I’ll repeatedly listen to because of the impact they have on me and my daily life.  A talk about forgiveness by former president of the church Gordon B. Hinckley is one of those talks. President Hinckley admonished listeners to occasionally read and ponder the 15th chapter of Luke which portrays the virtue of forgiveness.

I feel it would be good to read not only this New Testament passage often, but to read, or better yet, listen to President Hinckley’s talk on occasion (I’ve only found audio through the Mormon Channel iPhone app.)

How would you feel toward a teenager who decided to toss a 20-pound frozen turkey from a speeding car headlong into the windshield of your car? Read or listen to how this real life situation played out – would we react in a similar way?

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