“How can you stand it? I can’t even stand one hour of church!”

So my friend found out the other day that I go to church for 3 hours every Sunday. Her question: “How can you stand it? I can’t even stand one hour of church!” I’ll be honest, some Sundays 3 hours seems like forever but most of the time I actually really enjoy it.

Enjoying church may seem like an oxymoron but it’s true. At church I feel uplifted, I feel like I have been given some extra strength. For some it may seem like church would be draining because Christian religions focus so much on the person you should be (and let’s face it, none of us are really that person all the way). But actually, when I leave church I feel empowered. I feel like I have more emotional energy to try my best to be a good person, even if that means not being perfect. And of course none of us is perfect and we all run out of energy and strength but I get that same jolt the next Sunday when I go to church…for 3 hours.

Church is divided up into 3 sections. The first hour we attend Sacrament meeting. Here everyone is together: children, adults, men, and women. We take the sacrament, which is bread and water that has been blessed. We believe that when we take it we are forgiven of our sins through Jesus Christ’s atonement. We also listen to a few 10-15 minute sermons from different members of the congregation. After this hour we go to Sunday school. There are different classes for different people. Children have their own classes according to age and adults can go to classes that discuss the scriptures, healthy marriages, or the very basics of the gospel. After Sunday school we split up into men and women to discuss different gospel topics. The women in the Mormon Church have the largest women’s organization in the world (really) called the Relief Society and the men have the priesthood so we meet and discuss in our respective organizations.

After all 3 hours of meeting together and having gospel discussions I feel energized. I am reminded of the person I have committed to be but also that I don’t have to try to be that person alone. I have Jesus Christ to help me, I have a whole church full of people to help me and I have my family to help me. Church really is a great place to feel strong and to feel close to the Savior.

2 thoughts on ““How can you stand it? I can’t even stand one hour of church!”

  1. Brooke Christensen

    I love Lindsay’s comment: “After all 3 hours of meeting together and having gospel discussions I feel energized.” As crazy as it sounds, it’s true! I feel the same way. I leave church with a new kind of energy full of goals and inspiration on how I want to live my life in the coming week.

  2. Marcia Neiss

    Before becoming a member I might have thought the same thing! 3 hours? No way!!!
    Once I joined the Church and was fed for the first time by the Holy Spirit – I couldn’t get enough… I needed more than 3 hours! There was so much to learn… I wish we could spend the whole day – every day! Church is where we learn what we need to live…
    Would 3 hours be too long to sit and learn if the Savior where the teacher? More than likely not long enough!


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