Family Prayer: Giving Good Perspective

After a long day with my two-year-old son, when normally various types of disasters have ensued, I love ending the day with a prayer as a family. My son is just beginning to understand prayer. He knows that it’s about Jesus, which is the most important thing. He knows we say, “amen” at the end and he knows we bow our heads, fold our arms and that we are supposed to be quiet (this, we are still working on). He has started wanting to repeat what I am saying and including his own thoughts. I love this. I love that he wants to pray.

The way Mormons pray is different from some other Christian religions. Our prayers are not scripted or read, we simply say what is on our minds. We thank God for our blessings, we ask God for help and we also pray for others. Some nights my son wants to thank God for his different toys, other nights he wants to be thankful for his Grandma and Grandpa who live far away. He always wants to thank God for Jesus.

The great thing about ending the day with a prayer together as a family is that it sort of creates a clean slate by giving me a little perspective. No matter if there is currently black permanent marker on our wall or all of our envelopes have been ripped up or if the greatest two-year-old tantrum our home has known has just occurred, ending the day with prayer reminds me that my son is a child of God and that God loves him. It also reminds me that I need help as a mother; I need God’s help.

It reminds me that we have so much to be thankful for and that getting caught up with the trivial day-to-day things that are hard is not worth it. I am reminded that my husband and I are a team; we are working together with God for the same goals and hopes and dreams. I think praying together as a family reminds me of all of these things because I am able to step back and talk to God as my Father in Heaven and realize that he loves me, he loves my son and my husband and he wants us to be happy together as a family.

3 thoughts on “Family Prayer: Giving Good Perspective

  1. Teppo

    Lindsey, I love your post! I’ve also felt how ending a day with prayer helps me be a bit less worried about all the things that did not go as I wanted or all the things I did not get done. It does give a betterperspective.

  2. Eric

    Thanks for a great perspective! I hadn’t thought of it in this way before, but daily prayer does allow the opportunity to “reset” my relationship with God, whether by repentance or by simply feeling His love and expressing my love to Him.


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